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The Live Gracefully Quality Pledge

We promise all Live Gracefully products are:

Manufactured according to cGMP standards
GMP helps ensure the products manufactured meet Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards and have the required quality for its intended use. That’s great, but we go a step further by maintaining cGMP standards.

The “c” stands for current, which promises we undergo recurring inspection. Regular GMP is a one-time inspection that could have occurred 50 years ago. Our cGMP certificate assures we’re always using the latest safety, technology and procedural standards to provide you the highest quality and safest products available anywhere.

Made in the USA
All products are made 100% in the USA to maintain high quality control from the moment we touch the raw ingredients to the final packaging and delivery to your door.

Manufactured to such rigorous standards, they surpass FDA guidelines
Our manufacturing facility is cGMP standard. Meaning it runs under such rigorous standards, they surpass Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines.

Produced in FDA-inspected facilities, utilizing the latest technology
Please see the cGMP section above

Made from the finest ingredients available worldwide
We don’t take any shortcuts to save a few dollars. We rather make sure every ingredient in your formula provides the highest potency possible, so you enjoy significant results. Because of this, we’re always looking for something better. And when we find it, we’ll use that in your formula.

For example, the açai we use is 100% pure pulp and juice where the fruit’s antioxidant value is concentrated. Some people use seeds and stems to lower their costs – but we never take shortcuts. Plus we only use freeze-dried açai because this process immediately captures and retains its nutritional value. In fact, you receive up to 16 times more antioxidant nutrients than if the berries were spray dried. And we use a unique açai species that provides 125% more antioxidant value and double the anti-inflammatory compounds than typical acai found in other formulas – even the expensive ones.


No toxins

No contaminants (e.g., pesticides, metals, etc.)

No GMO products – ever!

All batches are tested again before bottling, with a certificate of analysis guaranteeing purity and potency.

Precisely manufactured. Ingredients and quantity on the label certified to EXACTLY match what’s in your capsule.

Stay-fresh lid technology
Your supplements are guaranteed to arrive fresh. Instead of using the typical punch technology where the inner safety/freshness seal needs to be punched through and is permanently removed after the first use, we use a special self-seal cap. This higher technology seal stays inside the cap lid so when you screw it back onto the bottle, it creates a tighter lock to protect your supplement’s potency and freshness down to the last capsule.

Quality tested…several times
You’re entrusting your health to us, and we take that responsibility very seriously. That’s why we test each ingredient in the formula throughout the manufacturing process. All raw materials are tested for purity and composition specifications before arriving at our labs. Once they arrive, we test the materials for purity and composition again.

After encapsulation, we test for purity and potency again. After your bottle has a Certificate of Analysis guaranteeing what you’ll receive is exactly what’s on the label and free of any contaminants, we’ll send your product to you.

Happiness Guarantee
We guarantee you’ll be happy with the results you feel while using our products. If, at any time, you’re not happy with our products, please return the opened or unopened bottle(s) within one year of purchase (365 days). We’ll promptly send you a full refund less shipping and handling.

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