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What makes us better

There are over 7 billion people on the planet, each one with a different face, fingerprints, and voice. What’s more, all 7 billion+ of us have a different body system.

And each one of us deserves a supplement that provides stellar results.

Making sure every unique person feels the highest benefits possible, Live Gracefully does things differently. Our formulas help your body repair past damage and protect against future damage by addressing your health from the outside, in and from the top to the bottom.

Here’s how we do it:

1. Reinforce your health foundation

Much like how a stable house relies on a strong foundation, our proprietary CoreFour™ helps you achieve higher results by building up and reinforcing your entire health

foundation. For this reason, we include  CoreFour™ in most formulas. CoreFour™ is our proprietary blend of the 4 most powerful botanicals known to modern science: Cordyceps sinensis, Blueberries, Açai, and Cacao. From this solid foundation, your intelligent body can return to its natural state: health.

Advantatages to you:

• Strengthens all 11 of your major body systems (e.g., circulatory, respiratory, endocrine)

• Helps your body absorb and utilize every last drop of each potent nutrient for greater results

• Enhances your body’s ability to create the level of change you want

• Feel improvements faster, the changes run deeper, and the results last longer

• Provides incredible antioxidant and anti-inflammatory protection throughout your brain and body


2. Co-active formulas

Most people don’t realize many health issues are connected with another. So they unknowingly focus on one, while the other continues sabotaging their progress. Our co-active formulas ensure you enjoy the highest results possible by

addressing your health concern and its related issue for more thorough and lasting improvement.

Advantatages to you:

• Feel more significant results, and faster

• On average, you save $219 over taking each nutrient independently

• Addresses 2 major health issues in 1 bottle

• Convenient solution with wide-ranging benefits

• Avoid health risks from mixing dosages from single nutrients or formula combinations

• Take fewer pills and feel greater benefits


3. Attack issues from multiple paths

Just like there’s more than one road to reach a single destination, there are multiple roads causing a single health issue. For instance, there are several types of inflammation. Each type triggers a different cascade of chemical reactions. That’s why if you want to fully extinguish inflammation from your body, you must

address it in all the many different ways it occurs. The problem is, no one drug or natural ingredient suppresses all types of inflammation. That’s why one treatment can work wonders for your friend, but have little effect on you. It’s also why some treatments suddenly stop working over time.

Our formulas avoid common limitations such as these by addressing health issues from multiple paths. This helps you enjoy faster relief with continued improvement.

Advantatages to you:

• Aids cells in repairing existing damage more thoroughly

• Helps cells protect from future damage more comprehensively

• Nutrients blended in ideal balance to activate the highest health gains possible

• Strategic combinations create additional health benefits that aren’t available when nutrients are taken independently

• Enjoy faster, wider-reaching, longer lasting results

• Cells continue actively repairing and regenerating, so you feel more vibrant over time


4. Use prized, premium ingredients

We ensure every ingredient in your formula provides the highest potency possible, so you enjoy significant results. Because of this, we’re always looking for something better. And when we find it,

we’ll use that in your formula. For example, the lesser-known açai variety we use contains 125% more antioxidant value and double the anti-inflammatory compounds than typical acai found in other formulas – even the expensive ones.

Advantatages to you:

• Only use the world’s most effective, potent, and safest ingredients

• All ingredients backed by thousands of medical studies from renowned institutions including: Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and Stanford University

• Use the highest-absorbable forms available, so your body squeezes out every possible benefit


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