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The following beliefs serve as the guiding mindset for our formulas, our lifestyles, and our desire to help you experience the difference between being alive…and really living.


WE BELIEVE…Your body’s natural state is health

We may not always eat right, get enough sleep, or exercise as much as we should. Yet most of us expect our bodies to keep up with our busy days.

As if that’s not enough, your body needs to keep up while tirelessly battling the constant onslaught of toxins, infection, chemicals, and other threats attacking your health. What’s impressive is our bodies do this 24/7 x 365 without ever taking a break.

The main reason we can still move along despite all of these challenges is because our bodies are designed to constantly return us to our natural state: health.

How well your body does this depends on how much support you provide. When you give your body more of the support it needs – such as quality nutrients –it can return you to a higher state of health. And it can efficiently repel the unavoidable threats of modern daily life.


WE BELIEVE…You are not doomed by your genes

Too often, we’re taught to think if a disease runs in our family, we’re doomed to the same fate. But modern science proves by making the right lifestyle changes, you can “turn off” the gene that can create the disease.

That’s why you hear stories of people who beat cancer…reverse diabetes…rid heart disease, and more.

Remember, your body’s natural state is health. Give your body what it needs, and it will thrive.

This means you – not your doctor – are in charge of writing your own health story.


WE BELIEVE…It’s never too late to start living gracefully

We’re so busy trying to get through our day to day, it’s easy to let decades pass before we decide to take charge of our health. Sometimes, we let so much time pass and allow our bodies to suffer so much, we think it’s too late to do anything about it. That’s not true.

It’s not true because as long as you’re still breathing, you can make choices that will improve your health. And through your choices, you can live each day as joyfully as you wish. Whether that’s playing golf twice a week, or traveling overseas.

Your body is an incredible self-healing machine that seeks health. When you give it the support it needs, you will restore your health. So please remember, it’s never too late.


WE BELIEVE…Everyone has their own unique way to live gracefully

To us, there’s no right or wrong way to Live Gracefully. We believe graceful living is about doing what brings you joy. For some, it’s eating an organic, vegan diet. For others, it’s enjoying wine with a steak dinner. Living gracefully could be running a marathon at 70 years old, or spending hours gardening when you’re 45.

Living Gracefully is about having the abilityto continue doing what you want to do as you age, so age becomes just a number. Age doesn’t define what you can do or how great you feel.

We believe to attain strong health, you must start with a strong foundation. Our products help you build a strong health foundation. From there, endless opportunities open up to you. Depending on your health goals, you can build upon this foundation with extra supplements, or you can maintain your core health through our formulas alone. The beauty is, there’s no right or wrong – just what you want.


WE BELIEVE…Balanced health involves 4 key building blocks

Our bodies are complex machines that run on multiple systems working synergistically together. Because we’re so complex, we must approach health comprehensively. This involves balancing 4 key elements: regular exercise, a healthy diet, emotional/mental health, and nutritional supplements.


Exercise does more than help you maintain a healthy weight. Regular exercise also helps you:

  Activate brain chemicals that make you feel happier
 Increase energy levels
 Prevent age-related diseases
•  Enjoy a better night’s sleep
 Strengthen your immune system

Healthy Diet

From hair to your heart, entire body is made up of cells. A healthy diet provides your cells the dozens of nutrients needed to create the endless cascade of chemical reactions that keep you healthy and strong

Emotional Health
You may have heard of the “mind/body connection.” That is, your physical body responds to the way you think and feel. For example, when you’re stressed, your body can react by elevating your heart rate, tensing muscles, or causing digestive issues.

Physical discomforts are often your body’s way of saying your emotional health needs attention. That’s why in order to enjoy a healthy body, it’s important to have a happy, balanced mind.

Nutritional Supplements
With commercial farming using so many pesticides, insecticides, and such nutrient deficient soil, the foods we eat today only have a fraction of the nutrients it did in our parent’s time. And when we eat processed foods, it robs our bodies of more nutrients as it tries to digest it.

Unfortunately, you can eat a balanced diet full of organic foods, but you’ll still likely need supplements to combat the barrage of free radicals and other stressors caused by modern life.


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