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Total Core Health

Total Core Health is designed for busy people who want serious support that goes way beyond a multivitamin. Yet is so efficient, you don’t have to take a baggie full of pills each day to enjoy the robust brain and body health you deserve.

Each Total Core Health contains a month supply of:

•  Anti-inflammatory + Antioxidant
•  Heart + Brain Power
•  Energy + Immune Strength
•  Prebiotic + Probiotic Restore


Cells absorb our high-quality ingredients so quickly, people report feeling noticeable improvements within 2-3 days. Within a week, you’ll clearly feel your energy levels rise, digestion improve, aches soothe, focus sharpen, and much more.

As you notice current health issues improving, you’ll also gain significant protection from the 4 root causes of all diseases from arthritis to Alzheimer’s. As a result, you’ll also help slow down aging that’s sped up by the stress and chemicals rampant in modern life.

In addition to specific support for major health concerns, your formulas do a step further by including our proprietary CoreFour™ to build your overall health foundation. CoreFour™ does this by supporting all 11 major body systems. From this solid foundation, you can better absorb and utilize each nutrient in your power-packed formulas for faster results, deeper changes, and long-lasting benefits.

No matter what your current health level, your body can benefit from Total Core Health if:

•  You lead a busy, stressful life and want to keep going without damaging your health
•  You’re an athlete who wants to increase performance and shorten recovery time
•  You feel yourself slowing down and want to reverse the damage before serious health issues occur
•  You want extra support to heal from current health conditions
•  Certain diseases run in your family and you’d like more support to prevent them from happening to you
•  You want an efficient way to maintain your good health without worrying if you’re taking too much, too little, or the wrong nutrients.

I made this as short as I could, but it’s still way unbalanced from the other tabs. If this is too long, what do you suggest we do for this tab?

For a complete list of nutrients and benefits, please see the product page for each formula. Below is a brief list of benefits you’ll gain with Total Core Health:

Anti-inflammatory + Antioxidant

•  Blocks pain from multiple paths
•  Reduce recovery time after exercise or injury
•  Strengthens cells to fight off free radicals
•  Support immune system
•  Reduce symptoms from chronic diseases
•  Calm skin conditions

Heart + Brain Power

•  Balance blood fats
•  Strengthen blood vessel health
•  Optimize blood flow
•  Increase respiratory efficiency
•  Improve focus and brain clarity
•  Enhance memory and recall
•  Increase ATP production

Energy + Immune Strength

•  Reduce cold frequency and severity
•  Lessen symptoms from chronic illnesses
•  Higher, consistent energy levels
•  Calm allergy symptoms
•  Slows or stops growth of HIV & other viruses
•  Improve sleep quality

Prebiotic + Probiotic Restore

 Regulates bowel movements
•  Aids in repairing intestinal walls
•  Rids bloating and gas
•  Reduces symptoms caused by digestive illnesses such as Chron’s
•  Aids in maintaining healthy yeast levels
•  Supports your immune system


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