Top 6 must-have food apps for safer, smarter shoppingtop 7 phone apps for safer smarter grocery shopping

Make your phone (and yourself) smarter with these handy food apps. They help you buy safer, fresher, healthier foods that fit your lifestyle and budget. Extra bonus: they’re all free.

1. Chemical Cuisine

We all know ingredient labels are full of chemicals, but how bad are they really? This app provides a searchable list of 130+ food additives that explain what the chemicals are. And provide safety reasons. The app is provided by the Center for Science in the Public Interest.

2. Dirty Dozen

Can’t always buy organic? This app helps you prioritize which fruits and vegetables you should really eat organic and the ones you can safely go conventional. It’s great for people who want to reduce toxins while staying in budget. Created by the Environmental Working Group.

3. Fooducate

This app helps you eat better by focusing on the quality of your calories, rather than the quantity. If there’s something specific you’d like to avoid, identify foods by sweeteners, GMOs, and other chemicals. Or customize it for special diets, weight loss, or other health restrictions. It also shows the pros and cons of your foods plus gives a list of healthier alternatives.

4. ShopWell

Works a lot like Fooducatec, but this app is created by registered dietitians. It also has other perks like scanning bar codes for quick info, you can earn discounts, gift cards, and more.

5. Non-GMO Project Shopping Guide

This app makes it easier to avoid hidden GMOs. Browse brands and products verified as non-GMO. Or search by brand name or product type.

6. Locavore

It’s a new way to go old school. This app tells you what’s in season and grown nearby, so you can choose the freshest foods based on your location. For shopping convenience, you can search for nearby farms and farmers markets. For those who get giddy over gherkins, it shows a list of foods coming up in season soon.