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The 4 Root Causes of Premature Aging and Disease

At first glance, it’s difficult to believe everything from cataracts to cancer stems from the same four causes. But modern science proves they all do.

By the time you finish reading this brief ebook, you’ll understand how. Just as importantly, you’ll know how to protect yourself from premature aging and disease, so you can live in the freedom that comes with strong health – well into your 80s, 90s, and beyond.

We believe with knowledge comes power. And with power comes choice. After reading this, you’ll know how to help your body remain as strong and active as you wish – no matter how you’re feeling now.

Ready to see how? Let’s get started…

Root Cause #1: Immune System

Protecting you from colds to cancer

What does the immune system do?
How to know if your immune system is weaker than you think
How a weak immunity leads to premature aging and disease
How to strengthen (balance) your immune system again

Root Cause #2: Digestive System

The forgotten link to immune health

What does the digestive system do?
Common (and some surprising) signs your digestion’s dangerously weak
How a weak digestion leads to premature aging and disease
How to strengthen (balance) your digestive system again

Root Cause #3: Inflammation

When a helpful process turns deadly

What is inflammation?
How inflammation leads to premature aging and disease
How to naturally keep inflammation under control

Root Cause #4: Oxidative Stress

When cells attack each other

What is oxidative stress?
How oxidative stress causes premature aging and disease
How to naturally reduce free radicals and oxidative stress damage

Remember: Your body is naturally designed to repair itself –
no matter what life throws your way

At first, it may seem like a lost cause trying to overcome the oxidative stress, inflammation, digestion and immune issues rampant in modern life. Especially since you learned how each one accelerates the damage caused by the other.

But you CAN overcome this and live a healthy, long life free of pain and disease. Because your body is naturally designed to repair itself.

Live Gracefully’s co-active formulas are created to help your body return to its natural state: Health.

Our formulas don’t force your body to do anything, which makes your body dependent. Instead, they provide the right nutrients, in just the right amount. So your body receives the tools it needs to do what it knows how to do.


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