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“Dramatic improvements took place so automatically and naturally…”

I started taking your supplements [Total Core Health] expecting some immediately noticeable result, but that didn’t happen. Despite this I continued to use as directed and still no drastic, noticeable, life changing, events…or so I thought.

Within a week, I started to notice that I was sleeping better, and when I woke, I woke up. Rather than crawling through fog and hitting the snooze button as I’ve done for years.

After I did physical work around the yard, I was not waking up with the usual aches and pains. And I noticed my allergies were not bothering me…… In other words, there were dramatic improvements that took place so automatically and naturally, I didn’t even notice them!

I just feel better physically and have an overall better sense of well being. I like your product, I like the way it works, and I like the way it makes me feel. – Tom N.


“I don’t feel nervous or jittery like other energy product[s] I’ve tried…”

Prior to trying [Energy + Immune Strength] I tried dozens of other energy products as I was feeling a general lack of energy and easily fatigued. I tried energy strips you put on your tounge, stuff to put in my water, energy drinks, pills, you name it and nothing seemed to work the way I wanted. Then someone referred me to Live Gracefully to try their Energy and Immune supplement. After a week or so I noticed I wasn’t getting tired during the day and my energy felt really good…..I wasn’t feeling “droopy” in the afternoons anymore. What I really like is that it was a natural energy where I didn’t feel nervous or jittery like other energy product I’ve tried. While I really like the energy I am feeling, I haven’t been sick this season either so it’s helping boost my immune system as well. I am 74 years old and my energy levels haven’t felt this good in many, many years!

I Drive and take road trips I used to really worry about getting tired, but I don’t get tired after taking E+I so I am more confident now taking road trips to visit my kids. Plus, I’ve saved a lot of money because I am not buying all the other energy products like I used to. All I need now is just E+I. Thanks Live Gracefully. This is the best product I’ve ever taken, and I have tried a lot! – Mary F.


“I got a broken nose and concussion but…”
I thought you would like to know what an incredible product TCH is.

Ten days ago, I got up in the middle of the night and stumbled on my feet, went down face first on my dresser that also hold the TV.  I don’t believe I was fully awake, but the commotion from the TV crashing backward, was enough to wake both my husband and I.

I had to go to ER to get six stitches on my left eyelid, just below my brow, got a broken nose and concussion!  The important thing is that I doubled up on the Heart-Brain and Anti-inflammatory supplements.  The fuzziness from my head was gone in three days, and I never got a full blown black eye, as expected.

Awesome supplements!  They have been invaluable to us.

A nice side note is that all the nurses at the hospital kept saying what beautiful skin I had!

They were amazed at how I don’t have any wrinkles on my neck or face, and that I look a minimum of ten years younger than my chronological age:)    –  Mary Ann M., age 72


“I had my blood work done…all parameters are in control.”
I wanted a single source for all supplements needed for well being. After taking Total Core Health for just a week, I felt a general sense of wellness. After only taking Total Core Health for 3 weeks, I had my blood work done. It showed all (typical) parameters are in control.   – Tom T.


“I have Chrons…I really feel my digestive system is now working normally again.”
Here is my feedback for some of the pills produced by Live Gracefully:

I had knee replacement surgery September 2011. I was in the hospital for three days and received pain medication regularly. Pain medication is not for me so I quit taking it about four days after the surgery. For more than a year and a half after the surgery my intestinal system seemed to have stopped completely. It was necessary for me to take Dulcolax every two weeks or so. I have Crohns so the Dulcolax was extremely hard on my intestinal system. I finally asked my doctor here in Mexico and he told me to take Laxoya, which is much gentler than Dulcolax. I continued taking Laxoya until I started taking Live Gracefullys pre/probiotic. It has been a world of difference for me. The pre/probiotic have never hurt my stomach and by taking once or twice a week I am now able to go normally and without any pain. I really feel my digestive system is now working normally again. No constipation and no periods of diarrhea.

Heart and Brain
In the last 6 or 7 months I noticed that I was experiencing memory lapses. I started taking this pill in the morning and in the evening. There has been a noticeable improvement in my memory. I hope to see continued improvement. Thank you and staff for these wonderful supplements. – Linda G.


“I’m able to workout harder and more consistently…”
As a martial artist I’m used to pain after a workout, be it regular muscle soreness, bruising, or now that I’m over 50, joint pain. I was introduced to the LIVE GRACEFULLY products in January and was immediately impressed with not only the extra energy I had, but also the anti-inflammatory effects of the supplements. I am always introducing new strength and cardio exercises into my regimen and have found that I’m not getting that “day after” soreness that I’ve always experienced. The really remarkable thing to me was how quickly the supplements worked. I saw their effect on the day after I started taking them.

I have recommended these supplements to all of my friends and students based on the extra energy I’ve felt, and the great anti-inflammatory effects they have. Due to the lack of residual soreness in my muscles and joints I’m able to workout harder and more consistently than I have in years. – Andrew T.


“My ‘secret weapon’ for staying focused and on top of my game…”
As a small business owner and a runner it is important that I stay healthy and energized. After taking the Live Gracefully products I feel more focused, more energized, and have had a huge reduction of pain in my joints from running. These products [Total Core Health] are sort of a “secret weapon” for staying focused and on top of my game and I feel good knowing how healthy they are for my immune system and overall wellness. Being 24 years old I considered myself to be “healthy enough” and “energized enough” but now that I have these supplements I’ve seen that it is possible to increase both of those areas and feel great doing it. So grateful for Live Gracefully!  – Ali A.


“After a couple of days I could start walking right away…”
I have been taking Energy + Immune and the Anti-inflammatory for 3 wks now. I couldn’t believe it after the first couple of days. Before I starting taking them, when getting out of bed and even out of a chair I had a hard taking those first steps, I had to stand in one spot for a few minutes before taking that first step. After a couple of days I could start walking right away. Was I surprised!! I also have more energy than I have had in years.

I am so glad that I started taking these pills that I don’t know where I would be at without them. I can do so much more then I have in years and also feel so much better. I want to thank you guys for what you are doing to help people like me live a better life. – Joyce K.


“It restored the normal in me!”
Love Live Gracefully.I really didn’t believe I had any digestive ‘hang-up’s’ until I started the Prebiotic + Probiotic Restore – it Restored the normal in me. I do not see the signs of facial redness nor the tiny red lines on my cheeks and nose anymore. I’m not a big eater, but would still feel bloated after a meal. Not any longer. Interesting how one might feel quite normal until normal has been restored! …I’ve been taking Energy + Immune Strength for a few days. I immediately noticed I have more energy in the evening after a long day at work. I used to fall asleep after dinner while watching TV, but not anymore!  – Cindy P.


“I do not have as many senior moments anymore…”
I started taking your supplements 3 weeks ago.
1. Heart and Brain – I do not have as many senior moments anymore. Memory is much better.
2. Anti-inflammatory – I was being treated for an infection with antibiotic and ibuprofen. Found the ibuprofen was not
helping the swelling in my knee so I returned to the anti-inflammatory from Living Gracefully and have found it to be much better.
3. Pre-probiotics. Love them. With crohns disease I have found taking pills has helped my stomach quite a bit.
– Linda G.


“My knees began to show significant improvement…”
Last fall while cleaning the gutters and other fall chores I over-extended the ligaments in both of my knees. The doctor said no problem Ibuprofen and 7 to 12 weeks it will be all better. It wasn’t. 16 weeks later I started LG’s anti-inflamitory + antioxident and by the 2nd week my knees began to show significant improvement. Thanks LG!  – John M.


“My chronic constipation is gone…”
Within the first day of taking Prebiotic + Probiotic Restore, my digestion seemed to “wake up.” I don’t have any more bloat, I feel comfortable after meals, and my chronic constipation is gone. I’ve tried Chinese herbs, essential oils, and expensive probiotic formulas for years. Nothing’s worked as well and as consistently as this. I also got 2 unexpected bonuses: I don’t retain water during my periods anymore. And my allergies have calmed down a lot too. I’m definitely going to keep taking your formula.  – Clara D.


“My workouts have increased without soreness…”
I’ve been taking [Total Core Health] for a month now and the results have been far beyond my expectations: My energy levels are very high. My workouts have increased and without soreness. I feel more mentally alert. I don’t have a need for naps. I get up early, go to bed late and sleep the best I’ve slept in years. Digestive issues are a thing of the past. I’m 72, and it has taken this long to find a natural product that works as advertised.  – David M.


“My energy has increased dramatically…”
I’ve been taking Total Core Health for a week now. My energy has increased dramatically.  I had gotten to the point where even doing dishes or any chore around the house had become just that. A BIG chore. Now, I’m happy to get up and do everything, and look for other things to do. I haven’t had a need to take a nap during the day. At least not feeling deprived if I don’t.  My mind no longer feels ‘fuzzy.’ There seems to be a clarity that I haven’t had for awhile. Of course, I wasn’t aware it was there until the last few days. My grasp of words when I need them is returning. Most of the time, while driving, I was in auto pilot.  Not anymore. I feel awake and alert the whole time I’m driving and really enjoying it! As long as I can remember, I’ve always felt like I was encased in thick cotton.  That is gone and I feel like I’m experiencing LIFE more robustly and with more eagerness and hope. THANK YOU for this new lease on life! – Mary Ann M.


“I love how it toughens my body…”
Started taking the E + I a month ago. I feel like I have more energy and can get through the day without feeling tired like I used to. Also, I love how it toughens my body. My mom and brother are staying with me and both came down with serious colds. I was sure I would get it also but didn’t effect me one bit. I love this product! Thanks LG!!  – Charles L.

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