Cut ‘em some slack

by Brenda Do

compassionWhen someone treats us rudely, it’s easy to instantly react by feeling offended. In our minds, we quickly accuse them of being rude, or an ungrateful employee, being sexist, racist, uneducated…you name it.

But the thing is, we never know what someone’s going through – or where they’ve been.

Maybe the customer service person on the phone was curt because she just found out her husband has cancer. And she’s doing her best to keep from breaking down at work.

Maybe the truck cut you off because the driver just got laid off and his mind’s clouded with worries about how he’s going to support his family.

Maybe someone seems uninterested in your conversation not because they don’t care. But because the medications they’re on make it tough for them to focus.

The point is, we don’t know why people do what they do. Or act the way they act.

We can play victim by assuming they’re directing it towards us.

Or we can cut ‘em some slack by assuming they’re doing the best they can.

We all have different journeys that brought us to where we are now. The drama queen, the conceited one, the combative naysayer…there’s a reason they are the way they are.

So let’s try to stop labeling and judging them. Instead, let’s focus on giving compassion. This doesn’t mean letting people treat you badly. It means not taking it personally and moving out of situations with an open heart.

All we need to know is they’re coping with as much strength and dignity as they can. Based on what they know and what they’ve experienced.

Let’s all cut each other some slack. Remember compassion. This includes compassion for yourself too.

You’re doing the best you can…

You’re better than you were in the past…

You’ll continue improving as much as you want in the future…

So always love yourself for who you are now.