No Regrets

Are you seeing it?  I’m starting to.  I’m getting encouraged and I hope it’s a trend. 

What I’m talking about is people taking the plunge, so to speak, and doing things that they have always wanted to do or making things right in their lives.

I have medical professionals in my family and I’ve heard the stories of people in the hospital or hospice care in their last days of their lives talking about what they would change or what they wished they had done differently.

They’ve held on to events that occurred or didn’t occur during their lives and it becomes a focal point at the end of their lives.

They have regrets.  It’s sad but a scary reality at the same time.

I’ve seen friends and family cut loved ones out of their lives.  They have their reasons but the fallout in terms of regrets and impact from a physiological aspect is something to truly consider.

I’ve also seen people who don’t pursue their dreams due to many different reasons.  I’ve used those same reasons as Filll it up!well so don’t think you’re alone.

I’ve heard that the “bucket list” is too expensive to create and make a reality.

I say lower the bar.  There are so many experiences that cost little to nothing and can be added to our bank of lifelong experiences and memories.

It’s important to address those areas of future regrets and do something about it.  Reach out to that family member or friend and start the process of making amends.  Pick a bucket list item and concentrate on how to make it happen. 

When we are at the end of our lives, wouldn’t it be nice to focus on the things that had everlasting memories and impressions versus those things we wished we could change.

I suspect those moments of happiness, accomplishment and content will be far better for us then focusing on those thoughts of regrets.

I have decided to see how to limit regrets in my own life.  I’m looking for ways to make this happen every day. I don’t have all the answers but I’ve seen the outcome of regrets so I’m motivated to limit them.

Make the effort to limit regrets in your life.  I can’t guarantee it but I think it will make an impact on your life and well-being.  Share with us on our Facebook page what you are doing to have a fulfilling regret free life.  I know I will be reading and who knows you may inspire others.

Until next time….


Yours for living gracefully,

letter from Mike