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Yep, we’re asking you to litter…

We’ve got a favor to ask of you. It involves littering…on purpose. In order to explain, please meet our infectious smiley face, Hal. He’s the cutie on the right of your screen.

Hal tags along with every order. And here’s where your purposeful littering comes in…

We truly believe love and happiness can solve everything from war to cancer. So Hal’s out there spreading more love in the world. We’ve put him in tip jars, handed them to sad looking people on the street, put them on kids’ lunch boxes, on water bottles, and so on.

We call it our “love litter.”

Which is where you come in. We invite you to help us spread more smiles and love in the world. When you receive Hal, stick him somewhere that makes you smile each day.

Then hand another to a friend, co-worker, stranger on the street…anywhere where you feel someone could benefit from a smile.

Let’s spread our love litter as far as we can and see where Hal pops up worldwide.

Then post him on our Facebook page so others can see the love you’re spreading.

If you’d like more stickers, send us an email and we’ll drop a few in the mail for you. We’re excited to see the happiness we all create together!


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