Let’s Cut to the Chase…

Today, I’m going to cut to the chase about a question a lot of people silently wonder. That is, “Are supplements beneficial?”

I believe supplementation has a huge impact on our health and feel it’s the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. But are supplements beneficial?

Before I answer that, it helps to understand supplementation takes on many forms. It can be as simple as adding more fruits and vegetables to a diet that needs more nutrients. Or taking antibiotics or any other type of medication, multi-vitamin, allergy pill, etc. to feel better. Often times, this type of supplementation works.

So the question,“are supplements beneficial?” is answered every day. And the answer is yes.

The better question is, “are all supplements beneficial?”

The short answer is No.

We respond differently to medications and supplements because of our unique biochemistries. To help overcome this, the makeup of the supplement or medication becomes even more critical.

So ingredient quality and the ability for it to be absorbed by the body, ingredient ratios, and formula blends all affect what works for you and what doesn’t. But trying to figure out what’s right for you isn’t always easy.

One reason I started Live Gracefully was because I was frustrated trying to figure out which nutrient supplements were best for me.

I asked 5 different friends what they took and got 5 different answers. So I decided to find out for myself.  I told myself, “I have a graduate degree this couldn’t be that difficult.  Right?”

I ended up spending a lot of money and time researching different ingredients hoping to find what worked for me. But I still didn’t feel the results I wanted. Finding the right supplements became a wild goose chase.

I created Live Gracefully to help others like you avoid the frustration I experienced. I made sure all of our supplements are

• Made of highly absorbable ingredients

• Combinations that strengthen cells

• Never skimp on high product quality and value

• A supplement that builds a foundation for lasting health at any age

We achieved all of that and more because our formulas help protect you against the  4 root causes of premature aging and disease. And they’re expertly formulated by Dr. Mark Schauss to keep your cells in optimal balance and health.

With all that, we have your back in terms of nutrient supplementation. So you can go build the life of your dreams and be Alive while you’re alive!

I’m hoping my humble Mindful Minutes help you do just that.

I’m not an expert in psychology, sports nutrition or any of those things.  My sharing comes from others like yourself and mentors who have influenced me.  They are only thoughts and opinions but they do come from the heart.

Now I’d like to learn more about you…

How important do you think it is to take supplements and why? Share your thoughts about supplements on our Facebook page.  You never know, you may inspire us and others with your insight.

Until next time….

Yours for living gracefully,

letter from Mike

Mike McNeill, CLO