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Heart + Brain Power

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Get aging brain and heart cells working like they’re young again

Few people realize heart disease and dementia go hand in hand. Because there’s a part of your brain that controls how well your heart works. But your brain can’t work well without copious blood flow from your heart.

That’s why if you want either one to be reliably strong until your final days, you should treat your heart and brain as one.

Heart + Brain Power uses a 3-pronged approach to support the special connection between your heart and brain. So you can repair past damage and optimize blood flow, heart health, and mental clarity at any age.


Heart + Brain Power provides the nutrients needed to robustly support your brain and heart health in one convenient bottle.

Using a 3-pronged approach, the formula starts by maximizing your natural ATP (the molecule that creates cell energy) production. The more ATP you have, the better your heart and brain cells can function. This helps restore fading functions while protecting against future damage, so you can stay strong and sharp.

Then select nutrients optimize blood flow to every tiny vessel and crevice throughout your brain and body. This provides cells the nutrients they need to protect, repair, and regenerate for higher levels of cardiovascular health, memory protection, concentration, and focus.

And just as your house is more stable if built on a solid foundation, Heart + Brain Power reinforces your brain and heart health by building a strong overall health foundation .  We included our proprietary CoreFour™  to support all 11 major body systems. From this solid foundation, you can better absorb and utilize each nutrient in the formula for faster results, deeper changes, and greater long-term protection.


Heart + Brain Power is formulated to get your blood vessels, heart, and brain cells working at full strength again. It does this through a smart combination of increasing ATP, reducing inflammation, lowering oxidative stress, and supporting your overall health foundation.

As a result, it helps:

• Control cholesterol levels
• Aid in maintaining smooth blood vessels
• Maximize cell energy production
• Maintain healthy blood thickness
• Optimize blood flow/pressure
• Regulate heart beat
• Shorten recovery time
• Increase respiratory efficiency
• Raise energy levels
• Maximize oxygen flow
• Clear brain fog
• Learn new things more easily
• Recall information quickly
• Improve focus
• Intensify concentration
• Enhance memory
• Normalize mood swings
• Increase blood flow to the brain



Ubiquinol (Kaneka QH™) – Produces ATP, 8X more bioavailable than standard CoQ10

Acetyl-L-carnitine (ALCAR) – Antioxidant that also helps produce ATP

Alpha lipoic acid – Antioxidant that crosses the blood brain barrier

Gingko biloba – Aids in blood vessel health and nitric oxide (NO) production

Bacopa monnieri – Increases focus while calming anxiety

Beetroot – Increases blood flow to the brain and NO production

Hawthorn berry – Supports blood vessel health, circulation, and NO production

Vinpocetine – Boosts blood flow to the brain and cell repair

PS (phosphatidylserine) – Reinforces brain cell membranes

Alpha GPC – Increases neurotransmitter acetylcholine

CoreFour™ – Builds overall health foundation

Serving size: 2 capsules
Servings per bottle: 30
Directions: Take 2 capsules daily with meal

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