How your head gets in the way of your life

by Brenda Do

Have you ever wanted to do something that totally pushed you out of your comfort zone? Like leaving a relationship, quitting your job to start a business, or launching a new career at an older age?

And when you talked to your friends or family about your desires, many gave you lots of reasons why you shouldn’t do what you want. They all meant well, and maybe their advice sounded like common sense…

But deep inside, it just didn’t feel right did it?

Because your heart’s screaming out to you to do something else. And you just know if you ignored it by staying on the “safe” path, you’ll move through your days going through the motions and feeling unfulfilled.

Or just as tormenting, you’ll live each day regretting you didn’t do it.

So how do you know when to listen to your heart and not your head?

It’s easy: Ignore your head every time.

I used to remind my daughter, “If you’re not sure what to do, follow your heart. It’s always right.”

Sure it can be scary. Especially when you’ve got a stack of reasons why you shouldn’t do what you want. And it’s tough when the naysayers outweigh the supporters.

But who’s in charge of your life and happiness? You or them?

And who has to look in the mirror each day burdened with your shoulda, coulda, woulda’s?

That’s right, it’s you again.

So if there’s something you want to do to feel more fulfilled and happier, then do it. Never let fear get in your way. Fear just keeps you in your safe and unfulfilling box.

Think of all of our great leaders who didn’t give into their fears and helped bring more joy to the world. For example, Apple founder, Steve Jobs, did things differently. Throughout his life, people told him he was crazy and he should just follow how it’s always been done. But now, hundreds of millions of iPhone, Mac, and iPad users are glad he didn’t listen.

Take charge by taking action. Believe in yourself. Believe the universe is here to support you in bigger and bolder ways than you can ever imagine.

You can create magnificent change when you believe in yourself. So get out of your head – it’s programmed to limit you.

Instead, listen to your heart. It’s pure truth and your direct connection to your knowledgeable and awesome self.

Sure, following your heart can be challenging and lonely at times. But trust me – there’s always a gift in pushing yourself further. In expanding what you thought you were capable of doing, thinking, and creating.

Do you love yourself enough to allow yourself the life you desire?

You’re magnificent. Let yourself – and the world – experience your gifts. Follow your heart and make magic happen.