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Researchers show this critical link gets aging brain and heart cells working like they’re young again. So you can spend ALL of your days enjoying the freedom and peace that comes from a dependably robust heart and a razor-sharp mind…


When given the choice, you probably don’t want to settle for putting off heart disease and dementia. You want to avoid it altogether, right?

Yet even the high-end formulas for brain health and expensive formulas for heart health do little more than stall “the inevitable.” So that in time, your memories start fading, your blood pressure creeps up, and you surrender to living with more limitations.

That’s because most formulas miss the critical link medical researchers proved years ago:

Heart disease and dementia go hand in hand. Your heart and brain may be separate organs, but if

you want significant improvement that lasts until your final days, you must treat your heart and brain as one. Ignoring this could be deadly.

As was demonstrated in a landmark study published in Dementia and Geriatric Cognitive Disorder. The study involved 9,844 middle-aged people between the ages of 40-45. Those with borderline high cholesterol raised their dementia risk by 50%. And those with high cholesterol increased their Alzheimer’s risk by a startling 57%.[1]

The last thing we need are higher risks. Especially when we spend more money on advanced heart surgeries and high-tech medications now than ever before, yet:

•  Every 33 seconds, someone dies from cardiovascular disease.[2]
•  Alzheimer’s is so rampant, 1 in 8 older Americans suffers from it.[3]

Although the numbers keep rising, you don’t have to become one of its victims. All you have to do is support both your brain and heart’s existing relationship. So that as one strengthens, it helps strengthen the other – just as nature designed.

By supporting the existing brain-heart link, you can enjoy:

•  Sharper focus and better concentration
•  Lower risk of blood clots
•  Greater relief from depression symptoms
•  Improved memory and recall
•  Less shortness of breath
•  Increased mental clarity and alertness
•  Better overall circulation – down to your fingertips and toes
•  Healthier blood pressure and cholesterol levels
•  Calmer feeling as stress and anxiety decrease

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