Feel The Giving Euphoria

Recently I had the opportunity to be part of a monetary contribution to a charitable organization that our company, Live Gracefully, made.  It was a nominal amount of money but it had a big effect on me because we made a connection with this organization.

 I didn’t expect that type of feeling as I have donated in the past so I thought I would explore it further.

I used to work for a company where I would have a portion of my salary automatically pulled out and donated to the United Way.  The amount was significantly more than what we contributed as a small business. 

The difference was that I never felt any euphoria or emotion of giving because there was no connection to the organization or the ultimate recipient of my hard earned dollars. 

It was purely money coming out of my account and deposited into another account.

I was giving because I felt it was the right thing to do but I felt zero benefit from it.

It got me thinking about people I know who give their time and not necessarily their money to people or organizations in need.  I have a very good friend who donates his time to the food bank. 

Here was a person who was out of work and really didn’t have money to donate but realized how important it was to just give.

He understood the euphoria people get when they give. He felt good to give his time because he looked at it from not a monetary standpoint but from a results standpoint.

His focus was on who ultimately benefited from his efforts.  He couldn’t put a name to that person but he would think about that person as they received the things they needed, from his efforts, to support their family.

Now don’t get me wrong these charitable organizations need money but they also need other resources as well.

We all could fulfill some of these needs if we just ask the organization; “besides money what else do you need.” 

Most of us possess the ability to provide manual labor but what about contributing something you are good at!

If you have artistic skills you could provide murals or spruce up their office or building. You could be an accountant that could provide some simple bookkeeping or tax preparation.  You could be a super organized person and you could help the charitable organization setup good filing practices.

The point is money is not necessary to get that giving feeling. Try and find that unique thing that you do and see which charitable organization could benefit from it. 

It becomes a win/win situation.  The charitable organization benefits from your efforts and you get the giving euphoria by doing something that you like to do.

Give it a try and feel free to share your experiences with us on our Facebook page.  We want to hear about it and we are certain your story will help others get the giving euphoria.


Until next time….


Yours for living gracefully,