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Energy + Immune Strength

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Get natural, consistent energy that lasts all day, and a fortified immunity for year-round health

As we age or become ill, our immunity gets lazier, weaker, and some functions stop altogether. Energy + Immune Strength quickly restores lost functions and revs up all other immune activity. This helps you slow down aging, fight off threats, and repair damaged cells faster.

And with your cells working at full strength, they produce fountains of consistent, natural-feeling energy – without spikes or crashes. You’ll stay energized all day long, easily workout harder, and sleep better.


Energy + Immune Strength efficiently provides 2 major health benefits in a single bottle: greater energy levels and a stronger immune system.

The formula gets every level of your immune system working at its fullest speed again to rebuild and maintain your health. Added adaptogens help your immune system adjust to changing biological, emotional, and environmental stressors. So you stay calm, vibrant and strong even when your weeks are busier than usual.

Energy + Immune Strength

•  Restores sluggish immune functions
•  Revives immune processes deadened from age and illness
•  Reinforces every immune cell’s ability to protect and repair
•  Raises energy levels without stimulants like caffeine

What’s more, you’ll move through your days with the reliable and smooth flowing energy supply you had in your youth. Yet sleep more soundly at night because your entire body’s working in a graceful balance.

And just as your house is more stable if built on a solid foundation, Energy + Immune Strength reinforces your immunity and energy production by building a strong health foundation.

The formula includes our proprietary CoreFour™  to support all 11 major body systems. From this solid foundation, you can better absorb and utilize each nutrient in the formula for faster results, deeper changes, and long-lasting benefits.

Energy + Immune Strength is formulated to restore lost immune functions, and supercharge all of your immune cells to work at full strength again. This helps you recover from current health issues, protect you from future diseases, and slow down aging. As a result you’ll:

•  Reduce cold frequency and severity
•  Protect against premature aging
•  Reduce fatigue/tiredness
•  Flush out toxins
•  Calm symptoms from chronic illnesses
•  Rid abnormal cells
•  Maintain higher, consistent energy levels
•  Calm allergy & asthma symptoms
•  Improve circulation, artery, heart health
•  Reduce muscle and joint pain
•  Boosts response to vaccines
•  Slows or stops growth of HIV, hepatitis, and other viruses
•  Reduces stress and anxiety
•  Improves chronic skin conditions
•  Increases focus and concentration


Red reishi – Restores immune cell production and activity lost from aging or illness

Beta-glucan 1,3-D – Wakes up and invigorates immune cells, especially macrophages

Panax ginseng – Adaptogen blocks stress signals and keeps your mood calm

Siberian ginseng – Helps your body adapt to chemical, physical, and emotional stressors

Zinc –Ramps up SOD production, the potent antioxidant critical for cell protection, regeneration, and repair

Selenium – Pumps up master antioxidant production of glutathione

CoreFour™ – Strengthens your total mind and body health foundation

Serving size: 2 capsules

Servings per bottle: 30

Directions: Take 2 capsules daily with meal

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