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What is CoreFour™?

When you’re improving your health, the level of your results – and how fast you enjoy them – depends on your core health foundation. Because the better your foundation, the better your body can support your health improvement. And maintain it as you age.

CoreFour™ is a proprietary blend designed for building up and reinforcing your health foundation.

Our blend is made up of the 4 most powerful botanicals known to modern science: Cordyceps, Blueberries, Açai, and Cacao. This brilliant combination aids your body in strengthening all 11 major systems, including your circulatory, respiratory, endocrine, and immune systems.

Other formulas may contain one or two of these superfoods, but only Live Gracefully supplements combine all 4 together for serious anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidant defense.

How does CoreFour™ help me?
Why is CoreFour™ in most Live Gracefully products?
Ingredients so pure and potent, one is identical to a mushroom costing $35,000/pound!

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Cordyceps Sinensis
Nature’s greatest immune system strengthener

What are cordyceps sinenesis (wild cordyceps)?
Cordyceps is a medicinal mushroom. There are over 680 forms of cordyceps, where cordyceps sinensis is the most effective and used in all significant clinical and formal studies.

Wild cordyceps is a medicinal that grows high in the 18,000 foot mountain ranges in the Himalayas around Tibet and Nepal. Prized for its immune-fortifying benefits, wild cordyceps have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Traditional Tibetan Medicine for over 1,000 years.

It remains one of the most scarce and difficult to collect herbs in the world, yet contains such prized medicinal potency, that the raw herb can cost up to $35,000 a pound!

Cordyceps’ health benefits
Cordyceps works by improving the function and health of every cell in your body. Cordyceps is shown to help your body:

•  Reduce inflammation
•  Maintain smooth artery walls
•  Strengthen immune system
•  Increase oxygen utilization
•  Boost cell activity
•  Bolster kidney and liver functions
•  Support blood flow
•  Maintain respiratory functions

How the cordyceps used in CoreFour™ is better than others
Most farmed cordyceps only contain a fraction of wild cordyceps’s health-benefiting qualities. The special Cordyceps sinensis used in CoreFour™ comes from the only lab worldwide able to cultivate an organic quality completely identical to the medicinal qualities of true wild cordyceps.

To maintain purity and potency, our mushrooms are grown in a highly-regulated organic facility here in the United States using patented growing chambers that mimic the exact growing conditions of wild, Tibetan cordyceps.

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Açaí Berry
Nature’s most potent antioxidant

What is Acai?
The açaí (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) berry is a small, dark purple fruit from the açaí palm tree native to Central and South America. For generations, native Brazilians used acai to treat conditions ranging from skin ailments to diabetes.

Acai health benefits
Acai is well known for its superior antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. Like other dark-skinned fruits, such as blueberries and red grapes, acai contains several types of antioxidants.

What makes acai so superior is its exceptionally high concentration of antioxidants including anthocyanins and flavonoids. This makes acai an unmatched protector against free-radicals and helps your cells repair damage caused by oxidative stress.

Acai contains several types of antioxidants. One type, the anthocyanins (pronounced an-though-sigh-a-nins) act as a potent anti-inflammatory. They direct cells to calm their chronic inflammatory response, which also damages surrounding cells.

Acai also contains oleic acid, an important ingredient for keeping cell walls flexible. This helps cells release trapped inflammatory toxins, and helps cell membranes return to normal before long-term damage can occur.

Acai’s well-studied for its dual antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. By lowering oxidative stress and inflammation levels the body is better able to:

•  Protect against oxidative stress

•  Increase energy levels

•  Improve circulation

•  Flush out toxins

•  Improve healthy cell regeneration

•  Promote skin health

•  Aid cells in functioning optimally

•  Improve concentration, focus, and mental clarity

•  Strengthen immune functions

•  Lower inflammatory responses

How the Acai used in CoreFour™ is so much better than typical acai
The acai used in most popular and high-end supplements and juices have an ORAC (antioxidant measurement) value of about 102,700 per 100 grams. That’s pretty impressive when you consider blueberries – famous for their antioxidant value – have an ORAC value of 9,621.

This means acai has nearly 11 times higher antioxidant value than the really-good-for-you blueberry.

But our acai is even better. What most people aren’t told is there are two types of acai:

EO (Euterpe oleracea) – Native to the floodplains in the Amazon region of Central and South America. EO is the most abundant species and what’s usually used in supplements, weight loss, and other acai products.

EP (Euterpe precatoria) – This lesser-known species is mainly found in the western Amazon region, far from the floodplains where the other species is harvested.

A recent study associated with the USDA shows EP acai packs up to 125% more antioxidant power than EO. Hands down, EP is the variety to choose:[i]

• EP has almost 3X the total ORAC (antioxidant measurement) strength than EO.

• EP contains almost DOUBLE the polyphenols as EO.

• EP contains five different antioxidant carotenoids: B-carotene, lycopene, astaxanthin, lutein and zeaxanthin. In contrast, EO contains one type.

• EP contains 90 times more carotenoids than EO.

We use the more potent EP acai species in your CoreFour™ . This species carries an impressive 170,000 ORAC value. That’s nearly 125% more antioxidant power and double the anti-inflammatory compounds than the typical acai found in other formulas – including the expensive ones.

Our acai protects the rainforest and the people who live there
When acai became popular, most companies rushed into the Amazon rainforest, stripping trees to harvest acai by the truckload. Then they shipped it back to the US for processing. This caused 3 serious problems:

1.  It lost much of the acai’s health benefits because the fragile berries degrade soon after picking and continue degrading all the way back to the US

2.  It robs the local Brazillians of their natural resource and livelihood, so many end up chopping down the acai trees to sell the wood for income

3.  The rough, volume-driven harvesting methods damage the rainforest

We receive our EP acai from the most respected acai producer in the world. They’re well-known for providing the highest quality berry while maintaining unmatched Fair Trade and sustainability commitments:

• They work with locals to source the freshest EP berries in the Amazon, which benefits you…

• They hire locals to harvest and process the berries on site, which benefits them…

• They help educate and train locals on keeping acai organic and harvesting gently to protect the trees for generations, which benefits the forest.

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Nature’s anti-aging superfood

What is cacao?
Cacao (pronounced kuh-cow) is often mistaken as the similarly spelled cocoa (pronounced co-co). Both start as the bean from the Theobroma Cacao tree, which means “food of the gods,” because of its impressive nutrient value.

When the beans are processed, they become the cocoa we know in chocolate milk and brownies. When left unprocessed, the beans retain significantly more of their high vitamin and antioxidant compounds, making them the superfood known as Cacao.

Cacao’s health benefits
Cacao is well known for its high concentration of plant nutrients called flavonoids. Flavonoids help protect plants from environmental toxins, and help repair cellular damage. When we eat foods rich in flavonoids, they provide antioxidant benefits by protecting our cells and repairing damage caused by free radicals.

Even when processed into chocolate, many consider a cup of hot cocoa the “anti-aging drink” because cocoa contains more health-rejuvenating flavonoids than red wine or green tea. In fact, a cup of hot chocolate has up to three times more antioxidant power than a cup of green tea.

Raw, highly concentrated cacao is shown to help your body:

•  Neutralize free radicals

•  Repair and regenerate cells

•  Maintain smooth, flexible blood vessels

•  Lower  inflammatory responses

•  Promote skin health and elasticity

•  Deter platelets from clumping together

•  Support circulation

•  Strengthen immune function

•  Flush out toxins

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Nature’s ancient disease fighter

What is a blueberry?
Blueberries are the small, deep blue fruits from a flowering perennial bush. It’s native to North American and estimated to have been around for over 13,000 years. Blueberries contain natural compounds that help our bodies stay healthy and protect against age-related disorders.

Blueberry’s health benefits
Blueberries are packed with vitamin C, dietary fiber, manganese, and antioxidants. What catapults them into the super fruit category is blueberries contains a high concentration of the two potent antioxidants: anthocyanins (pronounced an-though-sigh-uh-nins) and pterostilbene (pronounced tear-oh-still-bean).

Blueberries are shown to help your body:

•  Maintain gum health

•  Improve circulation

•  Increase energy levels

•  Support bone development

•  Repair and regenerate cells

•  Neutralize free radicals

•  Lower inflammatory responses

•  Support immune activity

Blueberry extract advantages
Standardized extracts process the original botanical so it contains a specific amount of an active compound. Usually, that’s the one thought to be the most beneficial. Most research use standardized herbal extracts for accuracy in double-blind studies.

For consumers, extracts help ensure a strong product with guaranteed active ingredients. So you receive consistent health benefits with each dose.

When shopping for blueberry extracts, you’ll notice most range between 12% – 25% anthocyanosides. This means the extract contains that specified percentage of that specific antioxidant.

The blueberry extract used in Live Gracefully formulas contain 30% standardized anthocyanosides. Anthocyanosides are the most active antioxidant in blueberries.


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[i] Kang, Jie, Thakali, Keshari M., Xie, Chenghui, Kondo, Miwako, Tong, Yudong,  Ou, Boxin , Jensen, Gitte,  Medina, Marjorie B., Schauss, Alexander G., Wu, Xianli. Bioactivities of açaí (Euterpe precatoriaMart.) fruit pulp, superior antioxidant and anti-in?ammatory properties toEuterpe oleraceaMart. Food Chemistry 133 (2012), 671-677.

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