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How stopping helps you get what you want

Knowing when to stop by Brenda Do I was having lunch with a friend, telling him I’m playing tennis after work that day. He asked, “So what body part hurts now?” He wasn’t being sarcastic, just taking inventory. In previous conversations, it was my shoulder, then my left knee, then my right wrist, then my lower […]

What blame and excuses are really telling you

What blame and excuses are really telling you by Brenda Do   It’s easy to hide the fact we’re hiding. But most of us do it. For example, how many times have you not done something, not gone somewhere, not make that phone call, not gone to the gym, etc. with the excuse: • Well, […]

Beware of this failure trap when setting goals

Beware of this failure trap when setting goals by Brenda Do Whenever we start working towards a goal, we often sabotage ourselves before we even start. Because in our well-meaning mind, we expect perfection. Think about the last time you had a personal or business goal. Like any good planner, you expected to hit certain […]

Cut ’em some slack

Cut ‘em some slack by Brenda Do When someone treats us rudely, it’s easy to instantly react by feeling offended. In our minds, we quickly accuse them of being rude, or an ungrateful employee, being sexist, racist, uneducated…you name it. But the thing is, we never know what someone’s going through – or where they’ve been. […]

Say thanks for the dirty dishes

Say thanks for the dirty dishes by Brenda Do   Someone once told me when his grandmother did the dishes, she’d always look at the messy pile in front of her and say, “Thank God for these dirty dishes.” I thought that was one of the most beautiful examples of gratitude I’ve ever heard. Because […]

How your head gets in the way of your life

How your head gets in the way of your life by Brenda Do Have you ever wanted to do something that totally pushed you out of your comfort zone? Like leaving a relationship, quitting your job to start a business, or launching a new career at an older age? And when you talked to your […]

The buck stops here

  The Buck Stops Here by Brenda Do Many of us were taught it’s not kind to judge others. But very few of us were taught it’s even more unkind when we judge ourselves. But if you’re like most of us, you’re probably your worst critic. Are you… • Quick to chastise yourself for what […]

No Regrets

No Regrets Are you seeing it?  I’m starting to.  I’m getting encouraged and I hope it’s a trend.  What I’m talking about is people taking the plunge, so to speak, and doing things that they have always wanted to do or making things right in their lives. I have medical professionals in my family and […]

Giving Euphoria

Feel The Giving Euphoria Recently I had the opportunity to be part of a monetary contribution to a charitable organization that our company, Live Gracefully, made.  It was a nominal amount of money but it had a big effect on me because we made a connection with this organization.  I didn’t expect that type of […]

Are You a Moth or a Butterfly?

Are you a moth or a butterfly? If you’ve heard the term social butterfly, it can take on different meanings. For me it sounded like someone who didn’t have a care in the world or was somewhat flighty. Until someone said to me “You’re a social butterfly”. Excuse me! I know people who are way […]

Be a fan

Be a fan So you’ve seen them on TV or at the stadium. Those “crazy” people with painted faces  – and sometimes bodies – or  dressed up like obsessed fans at their favorite sporting events. Many people think these guys are a little crazy, or at least a little weird. I felt that way initially. […]

Have a Renaissance

Have a Renaissance Who knew? I certainly didn’t. A few months ago,  I thought I was over the hump of a long, very stressful career and actually seeing the finish line. And boy was I planning for it. After 25 years of consistent success, everything seemed so predictable, I never expected anything to throw me […]

Seeing is Believing

Seeing is Believing I observed, and maybe you have as well, that as we age we begin to hunch over, look down and shuffle as we walk. Sometimes it’s a medical issue, but more often it seems like a habit we allowed to creep into our daily lives. Many believe this is just part of […]

Let’s cut to the chase…

Let’s Cut to the Chase… Today, I’m going to cut to the chase about a question a lot of people silently wonder. That is, “Are supplements beneficial?” I believe supplementation has a huge impact on our health and feel it’s the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. But are supplements beneficial? Before I answer that, it […]

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