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The top 5 nutrients most of us lack for a healthy brain

The top 5 brain nutrients deficient in most American adults Most of us know omega-3s are great for boosting brain health. But many of us don’t know about the 5 other nutrients shown to help sharpen our focus, preserve memories, clear brain fog, and more. The thing is, these 5 nutrients are found in everyday foods. Yet […]

Common foods that can hurt a child’s brain

How your child’s diet affects their brain “My kid won’t eat anything but ___.” Fill in the blank with any common, kid-friendly food: chicken fingers, mac and cheese, hot dogs, etc. If you’re like many parents, you said this in frustration about your own children, or heard a parent admit it about theirs. When you’ve got […]

Top 6 food apps for safer, smarter shopping

Top 6 must-have food apps for safer, smarter shopping Make your phone (and yourself) smarter with these handy food apps. They help you buy safer, fresher, healthier foods that fit your lifestyle and budget. Extra bonus: they’re all free. 1. Chemical Cuisine We all know ingredient labels are full of chemicals, but how bad are they […]

The nutty snack for a longer life

How snacking on a few nuts can help you live longer After 10 years of study, a research team suggests eating nuts every day can help you live longer. And extending your life just takes half a handful (0.3 oz) of peanuts or tree nuts daily. So it’s easy to add to your diet. The researchers wrote, […]

How fructose corn syrup keeps us fat

How high fructose corn syrup keeps us fat For years, we heard warnings that fructose corn syrup is bad for you. But just how bad is it?  One mouse study suggests fructose makes us fat and lazy. So even if we wanted to shed the extra pounds, our brains wouldn’t let us. Before we go into that, […]

Probiotics for preventing depression?

Probiotics may help reduce sad thoughts and feelings It’s shown dwelling on the past can lead to depression. So researchers wanted to know if taking a multi-strain probiotic formula could keep people from staying stuck in the past. And therefore help prevent depression. Psychologists Laura Steenbergen and Lorenza Colzato from the Leiden Institute of Brain and […]

Green tea for preventing Alzheimer’s

Protecting your memory may be as simple as a cup of tea and a walk Science is finally catching up with what many of our grandparents told us for years: food is your best medicine. Now researchers are saying that could be true for tough diseases like Alzheimer’s. Researchers are looking at ways to treat […]

Sugar raises high blood pressure and heart attack risk more than salt

Your heart health: is sugar more deadly than salt? A heart healthy diet means cutting back on salt, right? Maybe not. New evidence shows doctors were unfairly blaming the wrong white seasoning. An analysis published in the journal Open Heart suggests heart healthy guidelines should stress how sugars raise blood pressure and increase your chance of […]

Different colored lettuce provides different antioxidant support

Time-released salads? It’s one thing to eat a salad. But did you know there’s a way to eat your salad so the antioxidants you’re chewing can protect you all day long? Researchers found different colored lettuce release their health-supporting antioxidants at different speeds. So if you want to maximize how your salad benefits your body […]

Maltodextrin: what it is and who should avoid it

Maltodextrin: what it is and who should avoid it Maltodextrin is a food additive with so many uses, it’s found in nearly everything from potato chips to beer. It’s so common, it’s even in “natural” foods and sports nutrition products. This makes us wonder…is it safe? What is maltodextrin? It’s a cheap, low-calorie, almost bland […]

Effects of high heels on the body

How Wearing High Heels Can Damage and Deform Your Body Many outfits just look better when finished with high heels. But after reading this, you may want to trade in your sexy slingbacks for some cute loafers. It doesn’t take much heel wearing to hurt yourself either. One study showed just 2 years of wearing heels can cause so much muscle […]

Beware the Homer Simpson of Fish

Beware the Homer Simpson of Fish You probably heard eating more fish is good for your heart and brain. Especially fatty fish like salmon because it’s rich in omega-3 fatty acids. But there’s a common type of salmon that’s so bad for you, you can think of it as the Homer Simpson of fish: lazy, fat, and chronically […]

Why candy bars may be a healthier choice than yogurt

Why Candy Bars May be a Healthier Choice Than Yogurt Agribusiness did it again. It turned something that was once good for you into junk food. According to a report conducted by The Cornucopia Institute, a food and farm policy research group, agribusiness takes advantage of yogurt’s image as a health food. Then secretly (sometimes […]

Is it worth paying more for organic

Is it worth paying more for organic? Eating organic produce and meat sounds nice, but is it really worth the often higher cost? To help you decide, here’s what researchers say you get from eating organic… Eating organic foods help preserve your health 1. Eat significantly less pesticides Would you grab a bottle of pesticide […]

Why heartburn remedies make the pain worse

Why antacids and the purple pill make heartburn, acid reflux, and GERD symptoms worse If you ever felt heartburn or suffer from GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), it feels like you have too much acid, right? So the natural response is to reach for a couple of antacids or a pill to soothe the burn. But […]

What organic really means

Food Labels: What organic really means This infographic provides a clear explanation of that it means for foods and farms to be certified USDA Organic. And it shows why products with organic ingredients don’t earn the organic certification on their labels.  

The dangers of mixing supplements and medication

How taking supplements with medications can endanger your health Do you take vitamins, minerals, or other dietary supplements each day? And do you take prescription or over-the-counter medications too? If so, you could be risking your health. Robert Mozersky, a medical officer at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warns, “Some dietary supplements may increase […]

Beware of fake Ebola remedies

Beware of fake Ebola remedies As Ebola continues to dominate our news, some shady companies are taking advantage of our fears. They’re making exaggerated claims like this company: “Viruses (including Ebola) are no match for Young Living Essential Oils.” And this lie, “US Government research show that there is a cure for Ebola…and it is […]

Naturally lower blood pressure by eating more salt

How to naturally lower blood pressure by eating more salt Admittedly, this seems counter intuitive considering everything doctors and the media tell us about the dangers of salt. But new research shows it’s not salt that hurts our blood pressure. It’s the kind of salt we eat. In fact, eating the right salt can help lower […]

Health benefits from laughing

Laugh it off – it’s good for you! Laughing does more than make you feel better. It improves your health. The infographic below shows you all the ways laughing makes your body healthier. (click the image to make it larger)   Image compliments of Master of Science in Nursing Degrees

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