Beware of fake Ebola remedies

As Ebola continues to dominate our news, some shady companies are taking advantage of our fears. They’re making exaggerated claims like thissnake oil company:

“Viruses (including Ebola) are no match for Young Living Essential Oils.”

And this lie, “US Government research show that there is a cure for Ebola…and it is Nano Silver…”

Thankfully, most supplement and nutrient companies are more honest than this. But it’s still helpful to remember that if something sounds to good to be true…it probably is.

Here’s something else that’s helpful to remember:  a vitamin, supplement, herb or other natural product  can’t legally claim to cure, treat, or prevent a disease. As you can see from the exaggerated statements above, those two companies broke the rules.

Granted, some people may not be lying on purpose. Some may believe in their product so much, they believe it does cure everything. But as the smart consumer you are, now you know how to decipher fact from excitement.

So what can you do to protect yourself?

At this time, there’s no known cure for Ebola. As with anything from H1N1 to the latest cold circulating around the office, your best defense is always prevention:

• Wash your hands often

Build up your immune system

• Immediately see a doctor if you’re feeling ill

Stay educated. Stay healthy.