Be a fan

Be a raving fan

So you’ve seen them on TV or at the stadium. Those “crazy” people with painted faces  – and sometimes bodies – or  dressed up like obsessed fans at their favorite sporting events. Many people think these guys are a little crazy, or at least a little weird. I felt that way initially. But then I wondered, why?

What are they doing wrong and what’s the harm?

I didn’t really think about it much until I started experimenting with the feelings I got about being one of those fanatical fans.

Now I do have my favorite sports teams and I am quite loud at the sporting events. Then it hit me. Being a fan doesn’t only apply to sports teams.

You can be a fan of your grandchild’s latest collection of frog toys…your spouse’s fascination with gardening…or your desire to work out until you look like you’re chiseled from marble.

It can be anything.

What’s most important is that you don’t hold back and you become a true fan because that’s what gets your passion, excitement, and happiness flowing.

For me, I became a big fan of a television show and it raised some eyebrows when I finally admitted it.

Initially I hid the fact that I was a fan of the show and that I even watched it at all. My reservations were that I thought people would think I was a little strange or I would have points deducted from my “guy card.”

After I finally admitted it, I decided I was  not only going to be a big fan, I was going to be proud fan. No more hiding I’m watching the show..

I was surprised by the reaction I got from those I shared this with. But I was more surprised by the feeling I got by being open about it and actually being an over the top fan!

How liberating it was to be able to do something or believe in something without a care of what anyone else thought.

Scientists have found that being a fan can be good for your emotional, psychological, and social health.

They talk about the importance of having a release mechanism, like exercising or laughing, to clear your mind and body of stress.

Also, being a big fan of something or someone works in both directions. It can make someone else feel very good that they are being appreciated for their efforts.

So remember your positive impact on others when you’re their fan.

Before I sign off, you may be asking yourself what show I unabashedly became a fan of.  Well the show is American Idol! I have watched it from the very first show and I’m glad to call myself a fan.

Sure I got the ribbing from certain guy friends but because I didn’t care and I was passionate about it, many of them soon became fans as well.

Being a big fan rubs off on others. They see how fun it is to enjoy something fully. And it makes them want that same excitement too. So have fun with it.

Release those emotions and make sure you don’t care what other people think. What really counts is what makes you happy.

What are you a big fan of? Share it with us on our Facebook page.  You never know, you may inspire us and others with your “craziness”.

Yours for living gracefully,



Mike McNeill, Chief Living Officer