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Anti-inflammatory + Antioxidant

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Incredible pain relief and more…
Fights off damage caused by daily life


You probably heard inflammation and free radicals (oxidative stress) are linked to every health issue from arthritis to Alzheimer’s. But did you know inflammation and oxidative stress work together in a vicious cycle that destroys tissues and organs? To help you stay healthy and repair past damage, Anti-inflammatory + Antioxidant is designed to break the destructive cycle and protect you from multiple angles. This helps you stay younger, healthier, and moving with significantly less pain.


Anti-inflammatory + Antioxidant contains the world’s most potent and researched anti-inflammatory and antioxidant nutrients. Since more isn’t always better, we skillfully blend just the right amounts to maximize how well they work and the results they can provide. Then we go a step further… And just as your house is more stable if built on a solid foundation, we reinforce your whole body by building a strong health foundation. The formula includes our proprietary CoreFour™ to support all 11 major body systems. From this solid foundation, you can better absorb and utilize each nutrient in the formula for faster results, deeper changes, and long-lasting benefits. The ultimate PAIN RELIEF and cell protector Blocks pain and cell damage from multiple paths

• Blocks NF-kB – Known as inflammation’s “master switch”
• Lowers COX-2 – The enzyme linked to most inflammation
• Restricts 5-LOX – An inflammatory enzyme that rises with age
• Suppresses TNF – Stops cells from signaling for more inflammation
• Protects, regenerates, and repairs – Helps cells stay healthier, longer
• Increases glutathione (master antioxidant) production

Benefits Anti-inflammatory + Antioxidant provides unmatched pain relief and overall health protection because it breaks the deadly inflammation/oxidative stress cycle while supporting your overall health foundation. Benefits include:

•  Relieve pain
•  Reduce recovery time after exercise or injury
•  Slow premature aging
•  Calm menopause symptoms
•  Balance healthy blood fats
•  Increase cell energy/activity
•  Control blood sugar levels
•  Attack abnormal cell growth and spread
•  Improve concentration
•  Support immune system
•  Reduce symptoms from chronic diseases
•  Strengthen focus
•  Improve blood vessel health
•  Reduce allergies
•  Calm skin conditions
•  Regulate blood pressure


• Pycnogenol® – Fights oxidative stress with 50X more potency than vitamin E
•  Longvida® – 65 times more bioavailable than curcumin for anti-inflammatory and antioxidant protection
•  Grape seed extract – Boosts glutathione (master antioxidant) production
•  Japanese knotweed – More reliable than red wine grapes for bioavailable trans-resveratrol
•  Quercetin – Boosts the formula’s overall antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties
•  Green tea extract – Rich in EGCGs for anti-inflammatory and antioxidant support
•  Serrapeptase – Cleans up potentially dangerous debris left by inflammation
•  CoreFour™ – Our proprietary blend to help build a strong health foundation

Serving size: 2 capsules Servings per bottle: 30 Directions: Take 2 capsules daily with meal

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