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Other manufacturers may accuse us of being too picky. But we believe when it comes to your health, no one should ever take shortcuts.

Our 38-Step Quality Manufacturing Process

The difference between typical supplements and exceptional supplements come down to two factors:

1. What’s in them
2. How they’re made

Live Gracefully’s formulas lead the industry on both factors. So you’re ensured:

What you see on the label is what’s in the capsule
It’s extremely bioavailable (reaches your targeted tissues) for the most health benefits
Is supremely pure and safe for you and your loved ones

We constantly search the world for the most thoroughly-researched and most potent ingredients to create formulas that deliver incredible health benefits.

We set industry quality standards that others follow
From the moment the raw ingredients arrive at our USA labs, it undergoes a 38-step quality control process. Where every step undergoes careful monitoring by well-trained technicians and scientists.

Ensuring raw material quality
Quality checks throughout manufacturing


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